Bright House is equipped with a highly Professional Security Team to meet client’s, technical requirements like:

  • Electronic Access Control Systems,
  • CCTV and Surveillance System (IP Camera, Analog DVR system & PTZ
  • Cameras),
  • Fire Alarm(Analog/ Network Systems),
  • Intruder Alarm systems, Sprinklers systems,
  • PA Systems and Backup servers for long period log or video recording of
  • Security Systems.

BRIGHT HOUSE can inter-connect all onsite or remote sites security systems into Central Security Room so all the equipment are monitored 24/7 for single location. We have been providing all mentioned services for clients according to their needs and customized configuration upon request. For better maintenance and usability of all equipment provided by BRIGHT HOUSE the end users are trained by our team upon handover.

  • We can also provide the below-mentioned security equipment & Services for Extended Security for official businesses.
  • Installing security devices (Security cameras Analog, IP Camera & alarm
  • systems
  • Installation of Biometric systems (Fingerprint attendance, Fingerprint Door Lock etc)
  • Portable / Door Metal Detectors
  • Body Armors for VIP and Security Guard Protection
  • GPS devices for Vehicle and Person Tracking
  • IED/ Explosive Material Detectors
  • Hidden/Spy Surveillance Devices (Sound & Video)